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All About SamandNan

Hello Folks!

SamandNan has roots way back to 1972 when Nancy Dreishpoon, then only 

eleven years old made her first jewelry design using Indian Seed Beads. It was the 

early 70's back then so the "in thing at this time" was "Woodstock, Peace and Love,

Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrex, The Who, The Beatles and Peter Paul and Mary." 

Ok so SamandNan is a bit retro 60's, hippie, and that seems a distance away 

right now, but the thoughts and designs of our youth are imbedded in the Jewelry 

that Nancy designs.


If you are thinking of your mom, aunt, grandmother, great grandmother, girlfriend, 

cousin or friend you can express you feelings with a SamandNan Charm Bangle 

Bracelet and a Matching set of earrings, of course with Sterling Silver .925 Earwires! 

SamandNan Jewelry expresses every season from Christmas, Mother's and 

Valentines Day to Halloween.  If you live near the ocean you can take a peek at our 

Nautical Bangle Bracelets. You will almost feel the sand on your feet with our 

Flip Flop Sunglass Bangle Bracelet. Each bangle bracelet is expandable. If you 

enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, canoeing or skiing, our wilderness bangle

bracelets are made for you. Try on our Canoe Trout Bangle Bracelet or Moose Bear.

SamandNan has over 1500 Copyrighted Charm Designs that are Nancy's creations

since 1990. Nancy would draw her own creations and or use Adobe 

products to complete designs. She works with our Model Makers, Castors, Platers 

Jewelry Assemblers and "special needs clients" to produce SamandNan.

Of course All of SamandNan Jewelry is made in the USA by us which is the way we

like it!


Our SamandNan Expandable Bangle Bracelet was designed by Nancy for 

SamandNan and has a Design Patent. It is a Special Bangle. It is expandable and 

locks open when you slide it onto your wrist. It then "Snaps Back" to its original size 

when it is on your wrist with a gentle press on each side of the bracelet.

We use "Elastic Metal" which is produced in the USA for our "Elastic Bangle Bracelets".


All of SamandNan Bangle Bracelets and Charms are Sterling Silver Plated 100 mils.

Under normal use the Sterling Silver Plating will never wear off.

Your new bangle bracelet has a clear lacquer finish that keeps your bracelet looking 

like new. Since it is Sterling Plated you can also polish it with a sterling silver polishing cloth. 


We put all of our Bangles and Earrings on a SamnadNan recycled paper card. The jewelry is

then placed into a beautiful SamandNan Gift Box. You can see a picture of the card and

boxes in the rotating banner of our website. Both the SamandNan card and

box are Made in America.

So this is it, SamandNan, all made here in the "good old USA".


Thank you visiting SamandNan.

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Warmest regards,

Sam and Nan